Broadcast Schedule
We urge you to read the portion of Scripture being taught–either before or after the broadcast. This will greatly increase its value to you. The Broadcast Schedule is printed onto a bookmark and mailed out to those on our print mailing list every other month. Sign up for our mailing list here

January 2015

 Download the January-February 2015 bookmark here.
 1  Thursday  Hebrews 11:1-3
 2  Friday  Hebrews 11:3-6
 3  Saturday  Q & A: What is the sword in the armor of God? How were Old Testament saints saved? And more… BUY THE CD
 4  Sunday  Sermon: You Are a Catholic Priest (Hebrews) We no longer have a place where we present sacrifices, because Jesus Christ fulfilled the need for a sacrifice by the giving of His life. But God is still calling out people to be used by Him as a kingdom of priests. BUY THE CD
 5  Monday  Hebrews 11:5-7
 6  Tuesday  Hebrews 11:8-19
 7  Wednesday  Hebrews 11:20-30
 8  Thursday  Hebrews 11:31-34
 9  Friday  Hebrews 11:35-40
 10  Saturday  Q & A: Why was Judas condemned if he was predestined to betray Christ? If the Jews are God’s people, why have they been persecuted? And more… BUY THE CD
 11  Sunday  Sermon: What About Angels? (Hebrews 1) Angels are mentioned in nearly every book of the Bible. But what do you know about these heavenly creatures? BUY THE CD
 12  Monday  Hebrews 12:1, 2
 13  Tuesday  Hebrews 12:3-11
 14  Wednesday  Hebrews 12:9-16
 15  Thursday  Hebrews 12:15-24
 16  Friday  Hebrews 12:25—13:8
 17  Saturday  Q & A: Dr. McGee discusses issues of divorce and remarriage. And more… BUY THE CD
 18  Sunday  Sermon: Where is Christ Now and What is He Doing? After Jesus’ ascension, we’re not told about His activities or where He was going. However, the Scriptures are not silent! BUY THE CD
 19  Monday  Hebrews 13:3-16
 20  Tuesday  Hebrews 13:10-25
 21  Wednesday  Hosea Intro
 22  Thursday  Hosea Intro (cont.)
 23  Friday  Hosea 1:1—2:1
 24  Saturday  Q & A: Is it up to us to judge who is saved or unsaved? Should a person be allowed to die if there is no hope for recovery? And more… BUY THE CD
 25  Sunday  Sermon: The Greatest Sin in All the World (Hosea) The Scriptures list many sins that are considered awful. But is it possible to put one of them at the top and call it the greatest sin of all? BUY THE CD
 26  Monday  Hosea 2:1-16
 27  Tuesday  Hosea 2:15—3:4
 28  Wednesday  Hosea 3:4—4:2
 29  Thursday  Hosea 3:1—4:6
 30  Friday  Hosea 4:6-19
 31  Saturday  Q & A: Are souls in hell right now? Dr. McGee discusses religious racketeering. And more… BUY THE CD

February 2015 

 Download the January-February 2015 bookmark here.
 1  Sunday  Sermon: Why Israel Must Return to Palestine (Hosea 3) Do the promises in Scripture of future restoration refer to the church, or will God’s people possess the land of Israel again? What does the Bible really say about God’s plan to fulfill His promise? BUY THE CD
 2  Monday  Hosea 5:1-14
 3  Tuesday  Hosea 5:11—6:11
 4  Wednesday  Hosea 7
 5  Thursday  Hosea 8:1—9:6
 6  Friday  Hosea 9:3—10:1
 7  Saturday  Q & A: Should contributions for the Lord’s work be accepted from non-Christians? Dr. McGee discusses homosexuality. Should believers send their children to Christian schools? And more… BUY THE CD
 8  Sunday  Sermon: The Entrance Exams to God’s University (James) In his epistle, James enrolls the believer in the University of God. But there are entrance exams to be taken, and they’re not easy. BUY THE CD
 9  Monday  Hosea 10:1—11:1
 10  Tuesday  Hosea 11—14
 11  Wednesday  James 1:1-3
 12  Thursday  James 1:3-11
 13  Friday  James 1:3-13
 14  Saturday  Q & A: Should a Christian drink alcohol, or does the Bible teach total abstinence? Does God’s Word tell us to remember Jesus’ birth? Is belief in the doctrine of eternal security essential for a church? And more… BUY THE CD
 15  Sunday  Sermon: Translating Book Learning Into Life (James) Despite all the different Bible translations available now, there is one that is superior to all the others – but it can’t be purchased in your local Christian bookstore. BUY THE CD
 16  Monday  James 1:13-15
 17  Tuesday  James 1:14-19
 18  Wednesday  James 1:19-22
 19  Thursday  James 1:22-25
 20  Friday  James 1:25—2:2
 21  Saturday  Q & A: Can Christians donate their bodies for scientific research? Does Scripture contradict itself when it comes to the issue of whether or not a man has ever seen God? And more… BUY THE CD
 22  Sunday  Sermon: Justification By Works (James) When James discussed works, he was referring to the works that faith produces – the actions that follow faith in Christ. On this point, he and Paul are in perfect agreement. BUY THE CD
 23  Monday  James 2:1-13
 24  Tuesday  James 2:14-26
 25  Wednesday  James 3:1-4
 26  Thursday  James 3:5-18
 27  Friday  James 3:14—4:4
 28  Saturday  Q & A: Is adultery a greater sin for a woman than it is for a man? Is there a difference between sins and faults when it comes to confession? And more… BUY THE CD