Ministry FAQs

When did Dr. McGee go to be with the Lord?

December 1, 1988. For more information about the life and ministry of Dr. McGee, please click here.

Is Mrs. McGee still alive?

After a number of years in a convalescent facility, Mrs. McGee went home to be with the Lord in January of 1997.

Are Dr. and Mrs. McGee's daughter and grandchildren involved in the ministry?

Their daughter, Lynda, has two sons. Her husband was killed in an industrial accident in 1985. Lynda has not remarried but has devoted her life to providing a Christian home for her sons–who are now adults. Both boys are working, healthy, and active in pursuing their various interests. They are not currently involved in the Thru the Bible ministry.

Do you offer correspondence courses?

 While our ministry does not provide correspondence courses, we would recommend the home Bible correspondence courses available from the following organizations:

Do you offer counseling services?

We are a Bible-teaching radio ministry with a small staff devoted to that mission, and we do not employ counselors. We urge you to seek help locally from your pastor or a Christian counselor, who can meet with you personally.

What is your Doctrinal Statement?

The doctrinal statement of Thru the Bible Radio goes into quite a bit more detail than what is presented here, but this in simplified form is what we believe and practice in our ministry:

  1. The plenary, verbal inspiration of the Scriptures;
  2. The Trinity;
  3. The deity of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Nicene Creed states it;
  4. That Christ came to this earth to reveal God and to redeem man and that He died a vicarious substitutionary death upon the cross for the sins of man;
  5. That Christ sent the Holy Spirit into the world to call out a body of people to His name which is called the church;
  6. That man was created perfect but that he disbelieved and then disobeyed God; that man fell into sin and today the entire race of Adam is totally depraved and incapable of saving itself;
  7. The pre-tribulational, pre-millennial coming of Christ to take His church out of the world;
  8. That Christ will come later to the earth to establish His kingdom, and His coming is the hope of the world.

Can I get copies of the opening and closing hymns?

The opening hymn is "How Firm a Foundation" by the John Lundberg Men's and Women's Choruses, and the closing hymn is "Jesus Paid it All." These can be found in most hymnals. Unfortunately, recordings of these songs as they are heard on our program are not available.

Why don't you offer the monthly specials on the edited messages earlier, so we can use them along with the radio teaching?

Actually, we are following the course of study the way Dr. McGee set it up. He wanted notes and outlines available prior to each study, and recommended follow-up study using the edited messages.

If I contribute to the ministry, are you going to add me to your mailing list? Do you share your mailing list with any other organizations?

We do not add anyone to our mailing list unless he or she personally requests to be added. Our mailing list is strictly guarded, and we never sell or release information to any other organization or mailing list service.

What is the difference between the hardback edited messages and the paperback commentaries?

The content is exactly the same.

How can I view your financial statement?

Our Form 990 is available online at

What is Thru the Bible's Federal Tax ID number?