Broadcast Schedule
We urge you to read the portion of Scripture being taught–either before or after the broadcast. This will greatly increase its value to you. The Broadcast Schedule is printed onto a bookmark and mailed out to those on our print mailing list every other month. Sign up for our mailing list here

August 2015 

  Download the July-August 2015 bookmark here. 
 1  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Can born-again believers lose their salvation? How does Scripture define the “soul”? And more… BUY THE CD
 2  Sunday  Sermon: How Big is God? To answer this question we would need an entirely new measuring stick, because God cannot be compared to anything on earth. He is infinite in stature and influence. BUY THE CD
 3  Monday  Micah 6:8-15
 4  Tuesday  Micah 6:16—7:5
 5  Wednesday  Micah 7:5-15
 6  Thursday  Micah 7:15-20
 7  Friday  2 John Intro
 8  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Is there a transfer of power or gift by the laying on of hands? What does Scripture say about degrees of rewards in heaven? How can the Father and the Son both be the Creator? And more… BUY THE CD
 9  Sunday  Sermon: Where is God and What Does He Do? God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He is everywhere, and He indwells believers. What He does depends on what we allow Him to do through us. BUY THE CD
 10  Monday  2 John 1
 11  Tuesday  2 John 1—5
 12  Wednesday  2 John 6—8
 13  Thursday  2 John 9—13
 14  Friday  3 John 1—3
 15  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Is speaking in tongues a universal gift? Did God make people sick or blind or lame so that Jesus could heal them? Can a church break fellowship because of doctrinal differences? And more… BUY THE CD
 16  Sunday  Sermon: Does God Ever Change His Mind? Living in an age of technological and scientific discovery, we may ask whether or not God changes to accommodate our transitioning world. But God is perfect, and by definition there’s no need for perfection to change. BUY THE CD
 17  Monday  3 John 3—7
 18  Tuesday  3 John 7—10
 19  Wednesday  3 John 10—14
 20  Thursday  Nahum Intro—1:1
 21  Friday  Nahum 1:1-3
 22  Saturday  Questions & Answers: What does the Bible say about capital punishment? Does God use morally bankrupt people to teach His Word? What are the lost tribes of Israel? And more… BUY THE CD
 23  Sunday  Sermon: How Can God Exist in Three Persons? Defines the Trinity, showing where it is declared in both Old and New Testaments and illustrated by nature. The Trinity is a great truth we cannot fully understand, but a truth critical to the life of the believer. BUY THE CD
 24  Monday  Nahum 1:3-10
 25  Tuesday  Nahum 1:11-15
 26  Wednesday  Nahum 1:15—2:4
 27  Thursday  Nahum 2:5—3:1
 28  Friday  Nahum 3:1-6
 29  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Is sin dealt with differently in the Old and New Testaments? Is it possible to be born-again and yet never be filled with the Spirit? Is there a danger in getting overly-familiar with Jesus? And more… BUY THE CD
 30  Sunday  Sermon: The Tears of God Three incidents in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ inform us that He wept, and those tears reveal the heart of God. BUY THE CD
 31  Monday  Nahum 3:7-19

September 2015

 Download the September-October 2015 bookmark here.
 1  Tuesday
 Habakkuk Intro—1:1
 2  Wednesday  Habakkuk 1:2-9
 3  Thursday  Habakkuk 1:5-12
 4  Friday  Habakkuk 1:12-17
 5  Saturday  Questions & Answers: What is the difference between premillennialism and amillennialism? In the parable of the sower, does the fruit represent souls won for Christ or the fruit of the Spirit? And more… BUY THE CD
 6  Sunday  Sermon: Man's Question—God's Answer (Habakkuk) Habakkuk was saying to God, “My country is in a mess! Why don’t You do something about it?” If you are asking “Why, God?” about anything, you can identify with Habakkuk and profit from God’s answer to him. BUY THE CD
 7  Monday  Habakkuk 1:12—2:3
 8  Tuesday
 Habakkuk 2:4
 9  Wednesday  Habakkuk 2:4-12
 10  Thursday  Habakkuk 2:12-20
 11  Friday  Habakkuk 3:1-6
 12  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Is Paradise the same as Heaven? What are predestination and limited atonement? Have the Old Testament saints been resurrected? Why does Paul say it’s ok to eat meat offered to idols? And more… BUY THE CD
 13  Sunday  Sermon: Darkness and Light—The Day of the Lord If you’ve ever been confused about prophecy, this is the booklet for you. Dr. McGee clearly spells out God’s scenario for the future as described in the Bible, event by event, from the Rapture to the New Jerusalem. BUY THE CD
 14  Monday  Habakkuk 3:7-19
 15  Tuesday  Zephaniah Intro—1:1
 16  Wednesday  Zephaniah 1:2-5
 17  Thursday  Zephaniah 1:4-12
 18  Friday  Zephaniah 1:12—2:2
 19  Saturday  Questions & Answers: What is the meaning of “idle word” mentioned in Matthew 12:36? How does the modern-day return of the Jews to Israel relate to Bible prophecy? And more… BUY THE CD
 20  Sunday  Sermon: The Dark Side of Love (Zephaniah) Corrects our mistaken notion that God's love is a sentimental feeling rather than a deep concern for His own. BUY THE CD
 21  Monday  Zephaniah 2:1-15
 22  Tuesday  Zephaniah 3:1-8
 23  Wednesday  Zephaniah 3:9-20
 24  Thursday  Jude Intro
 25  Friday  Jude 1—3
 26  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Who are the “least of these” mentioned in Matthew 25? How could Jesus have the same nature as Adam and not have sinned? And more… BUY THE CD
 27  Sunday  Sermon: Amazing, Alarming, and Awful Apostasy (Jude 1—4) The apostasy is coming — blatant immorality, rejection of God’s Word, and denial of Christ as our Lord. In this message Dr. McGee details the apostasy in the twentieth century. BUY THE CD
 28  Monday  Jude 3, 4
 29  Tuesday  Jude 4—6
 30  Wednesday  Jude 6, 7

October 2015 

  Download the September-October 2015 bookmark here.
 1  Thursday  Jude 8, 9
 2  Friday  Jude 9—11
 3  Saturday  Questions & Answers: What does it mean for Adam to “rule over” Eve? Who are the two witnesses in Revelation 11? And more… BUY THE CD
 4  Sunday  What Can Believers Do in Days of Apostasy? (Jude 20—23) We are living in days of apostasy, and the most severe attack on the Word of God, the Christian faith, and the church is coming from within the church itself. What can believers do about it? BUY THE CD
 5  Monday  Jude 11—13 
 6  Tuesday  Jude 13—16 
 7  Wednesday  Jude 16—19 
 8  Thursday  Jude 19, 20
 9  Friday  Jude 20—25 
 10  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Can Satan duplicate the miracles of Jesus? Did Jewish Christians continue to follow the Law? And more… BUY THE CD
 11  Sunday  The Way of a Man and the Word of God (Haggai 1:1-15) What happens when the way that seems right to man is confronted by the Word of God and found to be the wrong way? Haggai had to deal with such a situation with his own people after their return to Jerusalem after 70 years of captivity. BUY THE CD
 12  Monday  Haggai Intro
 13  Tuesday  Haggai 1:1-4
 14  Wednesday  Haggai 1:2-8
 15  Thursday  Haggai 1:9-15
 16  Friday  Haggai 1:12—2:3
 17  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Do homosexuals have to be converted from their lifestyles in order to be saved? Are believers sealed by the Holy Spirit forever? And more… BUY THE CD
 18  Sunday  Sermon: A Law Concerning Cleansing (Haggai 2) When God gave the Law for the nation Israel, He didn’t list every possible application. So then how was a person able to know what the Law was in a certain situation? Haggai encountered such a case, and the answer he received is true for believers in our day. BUY THE CD
 19  Monday  Haggai 2:3, 4
 20  Tuesday  Haggai 2:5-9
 21  Wednesday  Haggai 2:10-13
 22  Thursday  Haggai 2:14-23
 23  Friday  Zechariah 1:1-6
 24  Saturday  Questions & Answers: What is the origin of the theory of a pre-tribulation rapture? Is it possible for Jesus to have sinned when He was tempted by Satan? And more… BUY THE CD
 25  Sunday  Sermon: When Jesus Went to a Funeral Usually a funeral is a time of mourning and sorrow, but not with Jesus in attendance. The Bible records three times when Jesus attended a funeral, and each time He turned sorrow into joy and mourning into praise. BUY THE CD
 26  Monday  Zechariah 1:7-11
 27  Tuesday  Zechariah 1:11-21
 28  Wednesday  Zechariah 2:1-6
 29  Thursday  Zechariah 2:5-13
 30  Friday  Zechariah 3:1, 2
 31  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Should believers persist in prayer for lost souls? Why are the Jews not making sacrifices today? And more… BUY THE CD