Broadcast Schedule
We urge you to read the portion of Scripture being taught–either before or after the broadcast. This will greatly increase its value to you. The Broadcast Schedule is printed onto a bookmark and mailed out to those on our print mailing list every other month. Sign up for our mailing list here

August 2014

 Download the August 2014 bookmark here.
 1  Friday   1 Timothy 1:1, 2
 2  Saturday  Q & A: Dr. McGee elaborates on the parables of the mustard seed and the leaven. BUY THE CD
 3  Sunday  Sermon: Women's Place in the Local Church (1 Timothy 2) There are issues in the church today that have been debated for decades and which generate a lot of heat, but no light. One such issue is the role of women in the church. BUY THE CD
 4  Monday  1 Timothy 1:3-7
 5  Tuesday  1 Timothy 1:8-18
 6  Wednesday  1 Timothy 1:18—2:5
 7  Thursday  1 Timothy 2:5-15
 8  Friday  1 Timothy 3:1-8
 9  Saturday  Q & A: Dr. McGee elaborates on the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price. BUY THE CD
 10  Sunday  Sermon: Remember Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2) What will you say when you come to the end of your life’s journey? Will you look back at all your accomplishments or express gratitude for those who impacted your life for good? Is there something even more important to speak about at that time? BUY THE CD
 11  Monday  1 Timothy 3:8-16
 12  Tuesday  1 Timothy 3:16—4:6
 13  Wednesday  1 Timothy 4:6-16
 14  Thursday  1 Timothy 5:1-19
 15  Friday  1 Timothy 5:19—6:21
 16  Saturday  Q & A: What is the difference between killing and murder? When is it okay to defend oneself? And more… BUY THE CD
 17  Sunday  Sermon: The Home: A Casualty of the Last Days (2 Timothy 3) The source of most societal problems can be traced to difficulties in the home – adultery, divorce, abuse, teenage rebellion, pornography, and the list goes on. But what are the answers to these troubles? BUY THE CD
 18  Monday  2 Timothy 1:1-6
 19  Tuesday  2 Timothy 1:6-18
 20  Wednesday  2 Timothy 2:1-13
 21  Thursday  2 Timothy 2:11-26
 22  Friday  2 Timothy 3:1-12
 23  Saturday  Q & A: What does the Scripture mean by “strong drink”? Will a person who is saved and commits suicide go to heaven? And more… BUY THE CD
 24  Sunday  Sermon: God's Answer to Problems in Times Like These (2 Timothy 3:1-17) During these early years of the 21st century, we have faced overwhelming problems that appear to have no answer. There seems to be no end to the personal and social ills that plague us. Is there no place we can turn for relief? BUY THE CD
 25  Monday  2 Timothy 3:8-17
 26  Tuesday  2 Timothy 3:16—4:8
 27  Wednesday  2 Timothy 4:6-22
 28  Thursday  Ezekiel 1:1-4
 29  Friday  Ezekiel 1:4-28
 30  Saturday  Q & A: Is Jesus the king of Christians or the Jews only? When Jesus said that Satan was a sinner from the beginning, what did He mean? And more… BUY THE CD
 31  Sunday  Sermon: The Prophet Who Used Television (Ezekiel 1) When the nation of Judah was on their way into captivity, God raised up three men to be his witnesses. One of them was Ezekiel who prophesied to the captives in Babylon through some extraordinary and terrifying visions. BUY THE CD

September 2014

 Download the September 2014 bookmark here.
 1  Monday  Ezekiel 2:1—3:19
 2  Tuesday  Ezekiel 3:20—5:17
 3  Wednesday  Ezekiel 5:17—7:2
 4  Thursday  Ezekiel 7:1—8:4
 5  Friday  Ezekiel 8:2—9:11
 6  Saturday  Q & A: What does it mean to “cut off our hand” or “pluck out our eye”? Do illnesses come from sin in our lives? Can one deny the deity of Christ and still be a Christian? And more… BUY THE CD
 7  Sunday  Sermon: Watchman, What of the Night? (Ezekiel 3:17-21) In the ancient Near East, the first line of defense was to build a wall around a city. But they also needed to know if an enemy was approaching, so they put watchmen on the wall. The Scriptures take that image and make application for our role in the world as Christians. BUY THE CD
 8  Monday  Ezekiel 10, 11
 9  Tuesday  Ezekiel 12, 13
 10  Wednesday  Ezekiel 14:1—16:14
 11  Thursday  Ezekiel 16:15—18:32
 12  Friday  Ezekiel 18:32—20:49
 13  Saturday  Q & A: Were there more than three wise men that came to Jerusalem? How do you prove that Jesus was born of a virgin? Was Jesus born on December 25? And more… BUY THE CD
 14  Sunday  Sermon: Angels with Dirty Faces (Ezekiel 28) The most powerful, beautiful, and awesome angel of all is also the archenemy of mankind. He is fearful and very dangerous, and his name is Satan. BUY THE CD
 15  Monday  Ezekiel 21, 22
 16  Tuesday  Ezekiel 23, 24
 17  Wednesday  Ezekiel 25, 26
 18  Thursday  Ezekiel 27:1—28:25
 19  Friday  Ezekiel 28:25—30:26
 20  Saturday  Q & A: Is the United States mentioned in prophecy? How do science and the Bible work together? What is the social gospel? Will all of Israel be saved? And more… BUY THE CD
 21  Sunday  Sermon: Dead Bones in Death Valley (Ezekiel 37) Death Valley, California, was given its name by a group of pioneers who crossed its desolate desert environment in 1849. Long before those pioneers crossed the desert of Death Valley, a man of God was brought to a similar location where death and desolation were in evidence. BUY THE CD
 22  Monday  Ezekiel 31, 32
 23  Tuesday  Ezekiel 33
 24  Wednesday  Ezekiel 34—36
 25  Thursday  Ezekiel 36:35—37:28
 26  Friday  Ezekiel 38, 39
 27  Saturday  Q & A: Why does God say that he hated Esau? If Eve added to the Word of God, why is this not considered the first sin? Are the days of creation a literal 24-hour period of time? And more… BUY THE CD
 28  Sunday  Sermon: The Millennial Temple: Why the Sacrifices? (Ezekiel 40—42) During the Millennium there will be built a new temple with a return to the sacrificial system. But if Christ’s death on the cross removed the need for sacrifices for sins, why is there a return to the sacrificial system during the Millennium? BUY THE CD
 29  Monday  Ezekiel 38, 39
 30  Tuesday  Ezekiel 38—40