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The mission of Thru the Bible has always been and always will be to take the Whole Word to the Whole World. We're here to help you and people all over the world study God's precious Word in its entirety so that you might be able to see and understand just how wonderful our Lord is! To that end, it's our desire to make as many of Dr. McGee's Bible study materials--including his complete 5-year radio study--available to you completely free. 

While we are glad to make these items free to all who desire to use them, they certainly aren't without cost to us. So if you feel led to help with the expenses related to providing these materials online and also airing the Bible study program around the world, please consider making a gift to the ministry today.

Please feel free to copy and distribute these audio programs to others who seek to broaden their understanding of God's Word! No permission from us is needed as long as copied items are given away at absolutely no charge. If you have any questions about how these free materials may be used, please read our Copyright Policy before contacting us.