We publish a number of pieces that we distribute to our listeners either by request or through our mailing list. They're designed to inform people about Dr. McGee's Bible-teaching programs, the work God is doing around the world through TTB, or to share ministry information with our supporters.

Please feel free to copy and distribute these materials to others who seek to broaden their understanding of God's Word! No permission from us is needed as long as copied items are given away at absolutely no charge. If you have any questions about how these free materials may be used, please read our Copyright Policy before contacting us.   

TTB Ministry
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Prayer Itineraries
     May 2014

 TTB Introductory Brochure -- General information on the TTB ministry and Bible study. A great resource for handing out to people who may not know what we're all about.

   April 2014

 March 2014

February 2014

 The Inside Story Tract -- Dr. McGee's tract on salvation. 

 2012 TTB Annual Report

 2013 TTB Prayer Guide