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Abounding Grace

(2 Corinthians 8 & 9) God wants to talk to believers about our relationship to the material blessings He’s given us and how they are to be used. There are no rules for Christian giving, but He does give clear-cut principles. DOWNLOAD or Purchase the printed booklet

Ai and I

(Joshua 7) Zeroes in on our greatest enemy who, surprisingly, is sitting in the seat with you at this moment. DOWNLOAD

The Amazing, Alarming, and Awful Apostasy  

The apostasy is coming–blatant immorality, rejection of God's Word, and denial of Christ as our Lord. In this message from the Epistle of Jude, Dr. McGee details the apostasy in our present day. DOWNLOAD

America Needs a Declaration of Dependence

Disturbed by national and international conditions, we fail to ask who is to blame. In this penetrating message, Dr. J. Vernon McGee demonstrates the real answer as suggested in Isaiah 1. DOWNLOAD

America Needs to be Thankful

(2 Chronicles) Most Americans enjoy material blessings that surpass even those of King Solomon, and spiritual blessings abound through faith in Jesus Christ. DOWNLOAD

An X-Ray of the Cross

(Psalm 22) The Gospels record the historical fact of Christ’s death and the events surrounding His crucifixion, but Psalm 22 reveals His thoughts, shows us the anguish of His passion, and lays bare His soul. DOWNLOAD or Purchase the printed booklet

The Antidote to Anti-Semitism

As fresh outbreaks of anti-Semitism are appearing in many places, what should Christians do? This booklet deals with the interesting biblical background and presents the antidote. DOWNLOAD

Armageddon: What? Where? When?

(Revelation 16 & Daniel 11) Covers the place and time of Armageddon, the final war, the forces involved in it, the purpose, and the conclusion. DOWNLOAD

Back to Bethel

Dr. McGee examines Genesis 35:1-15 to tell us the story of Jacob who refused to submit to God at home, so God gave him a 20-year education in the far country, and Uncle Laban taught all the classes. After graduation, God called Jacob back to Bethel and he started living for God. DOWNLOAD

Balaam: A Prophet for Profit

(Numbers 22-25) Probes into the thinking of the shadowy character of Balaam, exposing the greed that was there--greed that may be lurking in our own hearts. DOWNLOAD

The Battle of the Gods

(Exodus 7-12) Recognizes the two great spiritual forces in this world, God and Satan, and reveals how the plagues upon Egypt were leveled at its false gods -- a telling blow against the satanic deception of the Egyptian people. DOWNLOAD

Behind the Black Curtain in the Upper Room

(John 14) Dr. McGee shows how our Lord taught the much-loved truths of this chapter by building on interruptions from Peter, Thomas, Philip, and Judas. DOWNLOAD

The Best Love

Dr. McGee maintained that many people are getting married who are not prepared for a relationship that God alone can bless. In this well-loved message, Dr. McGee explains that God promises a lasting, happy marriage to a man and woman who are Spirit-filled. DOWNLOAD

Better Than Bethlehem

His birth in Bethlehem was not the first nor the last appearance of Christ in the world. We see Him revealed in the Old Testament; also, the significance of His birth and His unveiling are found in the revelation. DOWNLOAD

Born of a Daughter of David

Traces the genealogy of Jesus from Abraham to His birth at Bethlehem. Explains the difference between the two genealogies in the New Testament and why the virgin birth was imperative. DOWNLOAD

Changing Bitter Waters to Sweet

(Exodus 15:22-25) Dr. McGee focuses on an incident of the Exodus that shows how God uses bitter experiences to educate and prepare us for service. He will not leave us but will lead us into blessing. DOWNLOAD

Charge It!

(Philemon) Back of this epistle is the apostle. Back of his promise is a person who will pay. Back of the charge is collateral, and back of the communication is a confidence that brings comfort to the heart. DOWNLOAD

Christmas in the Home of Abraham?

(Genesis 12-22) Highlights Abraham's life and shows how Isaac foreshadowed the coming of Jesus Christ. DOWNLOAD

Christmas is God Shining In

The first time Christ came to this earth was not at Bethlehem, but in the Garden of Eden. Christ's birth takes on new meaning and sheds new light on the place where the star shone so brightly. DOWNLOAD

The Church at Its Best

(Revelation 2:1-5) This was the church at Ephesus, because it had an intense, enthusiastic devotion to the person of Jesus Christ. DOWNLOAD

Confidence, Certainty, and Cheer

(Philippians 1) In the Epistle to the Philippians Paul writes about Christian living at the highest level. If God’s children could learn to live for Christ, there would be confidence, certainty, and cheer in our lives. DOWNLOAD or Purchase the printed booklet

The Country Preacher Who Came to Town 

(Amos 7) Amos, the Old Testament prophet, may have been a "country bumpkin," but he was God's man. Fearlessly and powerfully, he gave God's message that judgment awaits nations living in luxury and lolling in immorality. DOWNLOAD

The Cross Divides Men 

(1 Corinthians 1:18) There are two classes of people who come to the cross of Christ. To one, it’s good for nothing – foolishness. But the other group comes before it and finds the power of God unto salvation. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet

The Cross is God’s Christmas Tree 

(Romans 5:1-11) God offers us wonderful gifts as benefits of salvation. They’re of infinite beauty because they come out of the heavenlies, and they were purchased with the precious blood of Christ. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet

Daniel: Choosing to Stand Alone

Presents the biblical view of true separation by examining Daniel's remarkable life. DOWNLOAD

The Dark Side of Love

(Zephaniah) Corrects our mistaken notion that God's love is a sentimental feeling rather than a deep concern for His own. DOWNLOAD

Darkness and Light: The Day of the Lord

If you’ve ever been confused about prophecy, this is the booklet for you. Dr. McGee clearly spells out God’s scenario for the future as described in the Bible, event by event, from the Rapture to the New Jerusalem. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet

Death of a Little Child

Dr. McGee shares the comfort God gave to him during the heartrending experience of losing his firstborn daughter. Over the years it has been a help to countless grieving parents who need a word of comfort in a lonely and dark hour. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet

Elisabeth: The First Person to Worship Jesus

Looks at the birth of Jesus through the experience of two great women, Mary and Elisabeth, and their wonderful songs of Christmas. DOWNLOAD

Evolution and You (or Why God Hated Esau)

(Obadiah) The rejection of God's revelation and the acceptance of the theory of evolution as a fact of science was the great delusion of the twentieth century. Pride is the attitude of those who declare their independence from God. DOWNLOAD

Faith + 0 = Salvation

(Galatians 4) God has a place to take away sins, but it’s not the Law. It’s Christ who paid the penalty for your sin. It’s your faith in Him that saves you; nothing else can. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet

From the Top of the Mount of Olives You Can See Forever

(Matthew 24 & 25) Exposition of the Olivet Discourse. Jesus answers His disciples' questions concerning the last days: 1) "When shall these things be?" 2)"What shall be the sign of thy coming and 3) of the end of the age?" DOWNLOAD

Fruit of the Sycamore Tree

(Luke 19) Dr. McGee's delightful message on Jesus' encounter with the despised tax collector, Zacchaeus. A clear presentation of salvation. DOWNLOAD

Gifts of the Spirit

(1 Corinthians 12-14) What are the gifts of the Spirit? Are they from God? How do we get them? What is their purpose? Dr. McGee answers these questions and more. DOWNLOAD

The God of All Comfort

(2 Corinthians 1:3) Is comfort just a pat on the arm and sympathetic platitudes? God’s comfort is to help us, and goes with us through the difficulties of life. DOWNLOAD

God So Loved

(John 3:16) Puts the yardstick on the word "so," showing God's love to be infinite in height, wide as "whosoever," deep as hell, and demonstrated by the length to which He has gone. Includes a clear presentation of the gospel. DOWNLOAD

Golden Bells and Pomegranates

(Exodus 28 & Leviticus 8) The high priest's robe of the ephod had around the hem golden bells interspersed with pomegranates. Dr. McGee likens the bells to a believer's verbal convictions and pomegranates to the fruit of a believer's life. An encouraging and motivating message. DOWNLOAD

The Gospel in the Gates of Jerusalem

(Nehemiah 3) Dr. McGee takes us around the ten gates of the city of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s day and applies the significance of each gate to our own lives. DOWNLOAD

Grace in Three Time Zones

(Titus 2) The three time zones are the past when salvation appeared in the person of Christ; the present when the Holy Spirit teaches and empowers us to live for Christ; and the future when the blessed hope becomes a reality. All of this is by His grace. DOWNLOAD

Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures

Dr. McGee's introduction to his 5-year Bible study through the entire Word of God. DOWNLOAD

The Greatest Sin in All the World

(Hosea) This message has its background in Hosea's heartbreak over his unfaithful wife, Gomer--who sold herself into harlotry--and her restoration. Dr. McGee draws paralells to God's dealings with the nation Israel. DOWNLOAD

Have You Crossed Over Jordan?

(Joshua 22) Dr. McGee correlates Israel's experience of passing over the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land with our experience of lives transformed through identification with the risen Christ. DOWNLOAD

He is Coming Again!

(John) Presents the second coming of Christ in contrast to His first coming--the Christmas yet to come. A very helpful clarification of the two comings of Christ. DOWNLOAD

Homesick for Heaven

(2 Corinthians 5:6-8) What will the New Jerusalem, our home in the heavens, be like? Dr. McGee examines the intriguing clues given to us in Scripture along with an explanation of what an ambassador for the Lord should do. DOWNLOAD

How Can God Exist in Three Persons?

While we may not be able to fully comprehend all the mysteries of the Trinity, we can at least stand on the fringe of this great truth and worship. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet 

How God Prepared the World for the First Coming of Christ

(Matthew 2) The four major divisions of the human race entered into God's planning and timing when He sent His Son into the world. DOWNLOAD

How It All Began 

(Genesis 1:1) The intrusion of human hypotheses regarding our origins has produced a babel of voices drowning out the very clear voice of God in the Book of Genesis. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet 

How Russia Will Be Destroyed (or When Russia Comes Down Against Israel)

(Ezekiel 38 & 39) This important sermon details the future invasion of Israel by Russia and her allies, how the stage is being set, and God's surprising and decisive victory. DOWNLOAD

How to Have Fellowship With God

(1 John 1) How can sinners possibly have fellowship with a holy God? Man has tried three ways – two of which are wrong and one that leads to wonderful, sweet fellowship with God the Father. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet 

How to Stand Against Satan

(Ephesians 6) Satan uses every dirty trick to attack the child of God. Have you put on the armor God provides in order to avoid being defeated in your Christian life? DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

How You Can Have the Assurance of Salvation

(1 John 5) A gift is available to every Christian. It’s desperately and devoutly desired but seldom attained. The Bible sets forth this gift as a certainty concerning one’s personal relationship with God. Can we know for certain that we are saved? Yes! DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

The Human Story

(Genesis 3) This chapter is necessary in explaining the tragic consequences of disobedience from Eden until now. Before the curtain falls on man's little day, God lets us hear the strains of the finale in Revelation 5:9, 10. DOWNLOAD

Is Capital Punishment Christian?

The Ten Commandments dictate: “Thou shalt not kill.” But does that apply to capital punishment carried out by governments? Dr. McGee turns to both the Old and New Testaments to find the answer. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Is It Possible For a Saved Person Ever to be Lost?

(Hebrews 6:4-6) In an honest search for its meaning, Dr. McGee tackles this confusing and difficult passage of Scripture, which is oftentimes skipped over by Bible commentators. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Isaiah: His Call and Commission

(Isaiah 6) The good king was dead, and Isaiah felt hopeless about the future -- until he discovered the true Ruler of his nation was alive and well and overruling in the affairs of this world! Then Isaiah saw himself as God saw him, repented, and was ready for his commission. DOWNLOAD


Job: A Man Stripped Bare

Having been stripped of every possible means of support, what kept Job from taking his own life? When all of the props had been knocked out from under him, he learned that the love of Christ could hold him up. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Jonah: Dead or Alive?

(Jonah) Shows the historical accuracy of the Book of Jonah and presents evidence that Jonah died and then was resurrected to be the "sign" spoken of by Jesus as a type of His own entombment and resurrection. DOWNLOAD

Let Us Pray

(Matthew 6:9-13) The so-called Lord's Prayer is Jesus' response to His disciples when they asked Him to teach them to pray. Is it for today? The prayer, examined statement by statement, answers that question. DOWNLOAD

Life's Biggest Question and God's Answer

(Habakkuk) Habakkuk was saying to God, "My country is in a mess! Why don't You do something about it?" If you are asking, "Why, God?" about anything, you can identify with Habakkuk and profit from God's answer to him. DOWNLOAD

Listen to a Picture

(Luke 15) A delightful retelling of the story of the prodigal son underscores that it is not about a sinner who gets saved, but about our wonderful Father God who will take back a son who sins. DOWNLOAD

Living the Christian Life God’s Way

(Romans 8) Dr. McGee considered Romans 8 to be one of the greatest chapters of the Bible. It opens with “no condemnation,” closes with “no separation,” and in between “all things work together for good to those who love God.” DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

The Loveliness of Jesus

(Leviticus 2) Examines the ingredients of the meal offering as representing the Lord Jesus in His humanity--the winsomness, kingliness, glory, and sinlessness of His man-hood. DOWNLOAD

The Man Behind the Mask

Nicodemus had three masks when he came to Jesus by night. The Lord Jesus removed each of those masks, because He dealt with plain ol' Nicky–and He deals with us–just as we are. Dr. McGee turns to John 3 as his Scripture text for this message. DOWNLOAD

The Man Who Went Home for Christmas

(Genesis 5) The story of Enoch, the man who walked with God and went home to heaven without dying. He is representative of believers in Christ who someday will be changed "in the twinkling of an eye." DOWNLOAD

The Message of the Silent Years

Though little attention has been given to the brief Scriptural references to the early life of our Lord Jesus from birth to the age of thirty, Dr. McGee points to several Scriptures that provide valuable insights and guidance. DOWNLOAD

Micaiah and a God-Aimed Arrow

(1 Kings 22) Four hundred prophets told King Ahab that God would be on his side in battle. Only Micaiah, the forgotten prophet, gave him God's true message--even though it meant imprisonment. A thrilling example of fulfilled prophecy. DOWNLOAD

The Millennium

(Isaiah) Dr. McGee's sermon that answers questions about the Millennial Kingdom such as What? Where? When? Who? Why? A thrilling and encouraging prophecy about the future of our earth when Christ Himself reigns as King. DOWNLOAD

New Jerusalem: The Eternal Home of the Church

(John 14:1-3 & Revelation 21) Deals with Jesus' promise in John 14 of a prepared place for a prepared people and its description in Revelation 21 as a place free of tears, pain, and death. DOWNLOAD

The Next Happening in the Program of God

(1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 & 2 Corinthians 5) The Rapture, when believers meet the Lord in the air, the death of the body, the question of cremation, and the resurrection at Christ's coming are the subjects covered in this message by Dr. McGee. DOWNLOAD

The Offense of the Cross

(Galatians 5:11) The cross of Christ is an aesthetic offense, an intellectual offense, and an offense to our pride. Why is the cross necessary? DOWNLOAD

On Eagles' Wings

(Exodus 19:4) Tells the story of the way Israel achieved freedom--from slavery in Egypt to security in the land of promise on the eagles' wings of God's grace--in the same way God delivers us from sin. DOWNLOAD

One Hour in Romans

A masterful condensation of all the high points in the Book of Romans. DOWNLOAD

The "Only" Psalm

(Psalm 62) “Gets its title from the recurrence of the word “only” in this psalm. It is a great and majestic song of David written during the darkest experience of his life.” DOWNLOAD

The Power of Negative Thinking

(Proverbs 3:5-7) This proverb points to the many vital negatives throughout the Bible, including the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. DOWNLOAD

The Rapture Comes Next

Through a careful comparison of Scriptures, Dr. McGee shows the difference between the Rapture of the church from this earth and the revelation of Christ, when He will return to set up His earthly kingdom. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

The Rose Parade of Resurrection  

This message presents the resurrection of all believers as a parade, each group in its own chronological division. Dr. McGee also covers the reality and proofs of the resurrection. DOWNLOAD

The Sabbath Day or the Lord’s Day – Which?

(Exodus 20) As part of the ceremonial Law of the Old Testament, the Sabbath day has been fulfilled in Christ. The church today meets on the Lord’s Day to testify that Jesus came back from the dead! DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Satan: Who is He?

Dr. McGee gives the biblical perspective on this rebellious and evil creature. Among other things he is described as an "angel of light" and a "roaring lion." But there is a way to stand against him. A very important message for this present age! DOWNLOAD

The Secret of Power

(Zechariah 4:1-6) Why are we impotent against the onslaught of evil that overruns our world? We find the secret of power in this unexpected place in the Old Testament. DOWNLOAD

The Secret of Service

(John 21) At breakfast on the seashore, Simon Peter learns from his resurrected Lord the essential requirement for service. DOWNLOAD

Some Seed.?! 

(Matthew 13) Dr. McGee argued that the parable illustrating Jesus Christ as the Sower, sowing the seed of the Word of God in the human heart, is the key to understanding the whole Bible. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Sorrow Not . . . 

(1 Thessalonians 4) Taken from Paul’s exhortation to “sorrow not as others who have no hope,” this message provides great comfort for those who have lost a loved  one. DOWNLOAD   or Purchase the printed booklet  

The Spiritual Fingerprints of the Visible Church

Dr. McGee identifies the true church as it adheres firmly to the apostles' doctrine, fellowship, partaking of the Lord's Supper, prayer, and witnessing. DOWNLOAD

The Story of Christmas

This longtime best-selling message reminds us that Jesus Christ was born into this world to die, so that by His death and resurrection we might have eternal life. That’s the true story of Christmas. DOWNLOAD

Stranger of Galilee

(Zechariah) Jesus came to His own people, the Jews, but they didn't recognize who He was. Zechariah had prophesied this centuries before, yet they missed it. Why did He come the first time? And why is He coming again? DOWNLOAD

The Tabernacle: God's Portrait of Christ

(Exodus 35 – 40) God gave the tabernacle to us as a picture of Christ before He sent the Person of Christ. All the great doctrines of the Christian faith are contained therein, and it is the ABCs of salvation for babes in Christ. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

They Should Have Expected Him, and So Should We

The Old Testament prophecies concerning the first coming of Christ, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, declare Him as one who came out of eternity to be our Savior and left the fingerprints of the Trinity everywhere. DOWNLOAD

This is His Life

(John 1) Introduces us to the great powerhouse that lies at the center of this universe--the throbbing, pulsating heart of God as revealed in His Son, the Light of the World. DOWNLOAD

Three Worlds in One

(2 Peter 3) Details the three worlds or three time periods. The world that was perished in the Flood. The world that is refers to the present age. The world that will be includes the Rapture of the church, the Great Tribulation, and the new heavens and new earth. DOWNLOAD

Tongues on Fire 

(James 3:2-18) Your tongue tells whether you’re ignorant or educated, cultured or crude, guilty or not guilty. And it can tell if you’re a believer or a blasphemer. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

The Unpardonable Sin

(Mark 3) God today offers to us a pardon, and to refuse to accept that pardon is to sin against the Holy Spirit. That, Scripture reveals, is the unpardonable sin. DOWNLOAD

Wanted: Stretcher Bearers

(Mark 2) God honored the faith of four unnamed men who refused to let anything stand in the way of getting their paralyzed friend to Jesus. A picture of how we can bring to Him those who are paralyzed by sin and prejudice or are bound to beds of defeat and discouragement. DOWNLOAD

Was Abraham Justified By Works?

(Genesis 22) James says yes and Paul says no – are they in conflict? The answer is revealed in this careful analysis of paradoxical Scriptures. DOWNLOAD

What Can Believers Do in Days of Apostasy? 

(Jude 20 – 25) We are living in days of apostasy, and the most severe attack on the Word of God, the Christian faith, and the church is coming from within the church itself. What can believers do about it? DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

What Do You Do With Your Burdens?

A compilation of four helpful messages: What Do You Do with Your Fears? What Do You Do with Your Past? What Do You Do with Your Future? and What Do You Do with Your Burdens? DOWNLOAD

What is Christmas Without the Resurrection? 

Jesus is no longer a helpless baby in a manger but a mighty Savior risen from the dead! Without the resurrection, the Christmas story is meaningless. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

What is This World Coming To?

(Psalm 2) A unique exposition, depicting the worldwide movement against God which will be stopped at the return of Christ to this earth. DOWNLOAD

What is Worship?

(Psalms 96 & 150) Answers three questions: What is worship? Who should worship? Why worship? DOWNLOAD

What Jesus Said About Prayer

(Luke 18:1-14) Jesus tells four parables that give a composite picture of prayer: The Unjust Judge, The Importunate Friend, Fatherhood, and The Pharisee and the Publican. Retold and embellished by Dr. McGee. DOWNLOAD

What Really Happened on the Day of Pentecost?

Explains the events that took place on the Day of Pentecost from three vantage points: waiting for the Holy Spirit, wanting the Holy Spirit and witnessing in the power of the Holy Spirit. DOWNLOAD

NEW! What the Clay Can Do with the Potter

(Jeremiah 18:1-6) Jeremiah's trip to the potter's house provides the answer. God is the great Potter. The shapeless clay can neither resist nor cooperate. DOWNLOAD

When Divorce is Scriptural and Marriage is Unscriptural
(Malachi 2:11-16) This little-known section of Scripture is God’s stinging rebuke against marital sins, reinforced here with other Old and New Testament verses. DOWNLOAD

When God Became Man

(John 1) A novel exposition of the key verses of John 1, presenting Jesus Christ, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, who came out of eternity to be our Savior and left the fingerprints of the Trinity everywhere. DOWNLOAD

When God Flexes His Muscles

(Isaiah 53) God’s creation of the universe was mere fingerwork, but redeeming sinners required His bared arm! He attaches more importance to our redemption than He does to all the rest of creation. After all, He sacrificed His Son to secure it for us. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

When Paul Prayed 

(Ephesians) Paul is given to believers as the great example to follow when praying. Studying his prayers will revolutionize your own prayer life! DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Who is Antichrist?  

A careful examination of this menacing, enigmatic figure, using Revelation 3; 1 John 2 and 4; 2 John 7; and 2 Thessalonians 2:2. DOWNLOAD

Why Angels Do Not Sing!

(Luke) God has given men and women something to really sing about, something even angels do not share. Sin has stolen our song away, but there's a way to get it back--redemption through Jesus Christ. DOWNLOAD

Why Do God’s Children Suffer?

(Hebrews 12) It’s an axiom of the Christian life that God’s children suffer; there’s no escape from it. There’s no question that God can prevent it, so why doesn’t He? Dr. McGee offers seven reasons why. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Why Four Gospels? 

There’s a vast difference between each of the four Gospel records – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each was written for a particular purpose to meet the needs of a specific audience. DOWNLOAD  or Purchase the printed booklet  

Why Jesus Died!

(Luke 23:27-49) Some have said He died as a martyr, others that He died as our example. But there was far more involved in the death of Jesus than heroism or illustration. Dr. McGee explains the importance of Jesus' death for all mankind. DOWNLOAD

Why Jesus Was Angry

(Mark 3) In the Old Testament God was angry with sin. Jesus, God incarnate, was angry with sin. The Christian, likewise, should be angry with sin. DOWNLOAD

Why the Flood? 

(Genesis 6 & 7) This important message deals with the evidence of a universal flood, the reason for it as detailed in the Bible, and the fact that the evil days that preceded the Flood have returned. DOWNLOAD   or Purchase the printed booklet  

Witnesses: After He Died They Saw Him Alive

Dr. McGee simulates a courtroom as he calls witnesses to the stand. You will hear the testimony that each one gives, examine the evidence, and decide for yourself whether or not Jesus arose from the dead. DOWNLOAD

Women’s Place in the Local Church

(1 Timothy 2) Churches miss out on something when they will not use the talents of women. This message gives the background of Paul’s exhortation to women, explains that God can and will use them in His work, and addresses the one area upon which God has set limits. DOWNLOAD   or Purchase the printed booklet  

World Dominion: Whose Will it Be?

(Daniel 2) Dr. McGee's sermon on the times of the Gentiles from Babylon to the return of Christ--as depicted by Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the multimetallic image in Daniel 2. Interwoven is the history of God's universal sovereignty in world government. DOWNLOAD