World Prayer Today

A warm welcome in Kyrgyzstan

December 20, 2017

“Welcome World Prayer Team, I’m glad to have you visit us in Kyrgyzstan.”

That’s the warm welcome we receive from the producer of our Central Asian Russian broadcasts as we touch down in the capital city of Bishkek today. For his safety, we can’t tell you his name, but his warm smile and kind words quickly give us a sense of his heart for God’s people and his deep love of God’s Word.

As we continue our tour, he tells us:

“The number of Christians is not very large here. State restrictions and persecution by a Muslim-dominant society keep many believing in secret. If you are found to convert, damage to your property and even to your person are almost guaranteed. Almost every indigenous Christian can tell a story about the difficulties involved in turning away from the religion of the country to follow Christ. But our numbers are growing. Since very little Christian material is available, your broadcasts are one of the only ways people have to hear about God. Strangely, even some curious Muslims report listening as well. Please know that we are grateful to have brothers and sisters who are on their knees for us … we rely on them to get by.”

What a privilege it is to pray for Christians in Kyrgyzstan! Let’s thank the Lord for answering our requests and let this encourage us to continue on!

We’re celebrating God’s work in Serbia tomorrow. Hop aboard and travel with us!