World Prayer Today

“God’s Word gave me direction and set me on a firm path.”

August 02, 2018

“Hearing your broadcast was like coming home.”

That’s how one Thru the Bible listener named Jorge from Bridgeport, Connecticut, began his letter to us.

“I confess that hearing you again after 20 years was an exciting moment. It was a joyful reunion and one of the best moments of my life—the same voice, the same song. Wow! As a teenager I listened to you from my home in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. I learned so much from you. God’s Word gave me direction and set me on a firm path.

“Now as I listen 30 years later in Bridgeport, Connecticut, it seems like the distance and time have faded away. God is faithful! What a great gift He has given me! Thank you for faithfully broadcasting A Través de la Biblia [Thru the Bible’s Spanish broadcast] all these years and all over the world. I pray the Lord blesses you for your perseverance and uses each broadcast to instruct young men and women all over the world … just as it did for me so many years ago and continues to do today.”

Yes, God is faithful! Let’s echo Jorge’s request today and thank God for the instruction we receive from His Word as well.

Join us tomorrow as we hear the encouraging story of a prodigal son here on World Prayer Today.