World Prayer Today

Visiting an oasis in Africa

May 22, 2019

Nestled between Cameroon and Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon is known as an oasis in Africa—a peaceful nation in a region filled with political unrest and war.

Today as we enjoy its beautiful landscape complete with white sandy beaches, thick jungles, and rushing rivers, we take time to survey the spiritual landscape by visiting with a young listener who shares a seat on the Bible Bus with us every day. She writes:

“I listen regularly to your shortwave broadcast. I also download your programs for a cousin of mine who listens with a friend. I have recently requested the Notes & Outlines and I cannot wait to get them. It really feels like God is speaking through each broadcast. Keep up the good work, your broadcasts are needed here more than ever. So many people are teaching things that do not follow God’s Word. It is a blessing to know there is a place to turn when I am unsure and in need of truth.”

That’s definitely something we can pray about! Today let’s ask God to guide and protect Christians in Gabon from false teachers. And let’s pray His Word heard on Thru the Bible will be a helpful tool in discerning the truth from lies.

Journey with us tomorrow as we veer east towards Kenya. We’ll meet you right here.