World Prayer Today

Meet a new brother who asks us to pray he learns to live differently

September 28, 2020

“I was angry. I was angry at my wife, I was angry at myself, I was angry at God.” 

That’s the beginning of a letter we recently received from a listener in Liberia. He continues: 

“For years my wife and I fought about petty things. We could not help ourselves. Then she left me. She told me she could no longer live with chaos and was leaving to seek peace for both of us.  

“That’s when I exploded. I always believed we loved each other, but I thought it was just our nature to quarrel. I began harassing her and couldn’t let her be. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop. 

“A neighbor stepped in and told me I needed to leave my wife alone and relieve myself of my anger. When I started to yell at him, he stopped me and told me to listen to your radio program daily for a week. If I was still enraged, he would listen to my grievances then. 

“I argued for a while, but then for some reason I uncharacteristically agreed. At first, I laughed at the programs, then I was furious. By the end of the week I cried through them. When my neighbor returned, we prayed together and I submitted myself to the Lord.” 

“My wife and I still live apart, but I no longer feel angry all the time. God has changed my heart, and I try to speak to her with gentleness when given the opportunity. Please pray I might continue to grow in my new faith and learn to live differently.” 

God’s Word is powerful. Thank Him today for the changes He is bringing about in the heart of this listener and all those who join us on Thru the Bible. And pray His gentleness, peace, and lovingkindness become our own as we study His Word and seek to know Him better.  

A listener in West Africa prays for all of us tomorrow. Travel with us to Cote d’Ivoire.