World Prayer Today

What does courageous faith look like?

December 15, 2021

“In this Arab country, in this wilderness of the Gospel, where we cannot go to church as we wish, it is a great blessing to hear God’s Word in our language of Tigrinya.”

That’s the good news we hear from a listener in Eritrea as we continue our journey of praise and thanksgiving. Here’s more of his story.

“The stories in the Bible are strengthening my faith and helping me tell others around me about God. Please pray, as it’s not always safe to do so.”

Praise God for courageous listeners like this one all over the world. As you thank Him for their faith, think about those you can share Him with. Need some help? At you’ll find a ton of resources to help.

God’s doing great things in Serbia. Hear all about it tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Tigrinya.