World Prayer Today

Hate brings a change of heart

May 23, 2022

“Don’t be discouraged by hateful comments. I almost wrote one myself.”

That what we hear from Alexander as we stop and pray for God’s Word to be heard in Belarus. Here’s more of his story:

 “I saw a link to your broadcast, and I decided to listen for fun. I just wanted to laugh at some religious fundamentalists. Without ever hearing you, I hated what you stood for and what you spoke of. I was getting ready to write a mean comment, even started a few times, but I stopped because I wanted to keep listening.

“You were talking about faith, and I’ve never heard about that before. You talked about believers from the Bible, and I realized that faith manifested itself in concrete actions and not just customs and traditions. I will keep listening, I want to know more about Jesus and how I can follow Him.”

While most Belarusians consider themselves Christians, the majority are trapped in ritualistic traditions and nominally involved. Today pray for all those who hear God’s Word on THRU the BIBLE. May they be captivated by what they hear and be willing to exchange their rituals and traditions for a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Our journey in eastern Europe continues. Join us on your knees tomorrow in Romania.

Listen here to TTB-Russian.