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Pray for our team in Latvia

May 26, 2023

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today our travels bring us to the eastern European country of Latvia. After decades of communism, the collapse of the Soviet Union brought freedom and hope to Latvia. However, after some short-lived religious movements, most Latvians fell prey to spiritual apathy. While more than 60% claim to be Christian, very few actually live their faith.

As we travel on our knees, let’s pray God’s Word is heard by more people like Ralfs who shares:

Today you taught on 1 Chronicles 19. I was amazed and began to think long and hard. I have many, many questions. Much of what you taught was difficult to hear, and I wanted to argue. However, I will include my questions here and keep listening with an open mind. Please get back to me with answers.”

Not uncommon in this region of the world and so many others, Ralfs included several pages of questions with his email. So, as we pray for THRU the BIBLE in Latvian and more than 200 other languages, also pray for those who answer the many questions of our fellow passengers worldwide. Ask God to guide them as they respond with grace and truth (see 1 Peter 3:15). Through their ministry may God be glorified and His name be praised.

Next week our prayer travels take us to western Africa. We’ll meet you in Ghana on Monday.

Listen here to TTB-Russian.