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“I am now completely dependent on God.”

June 21, 2017

Today’s stop on our World Prayer Team journey bring us to Bengal, India, where we meet a listener named Mita who tells us:

“Not long ago my only daughter studied in a Christian school, and I learned a little bit about Jesus. Then, last year I found your programs that have touched my heart. I have been listening to this program regularly and the systematic teaching helped me to learn more about my sin and how to receive salvation. I am now completely dependent on God. My daughter also believes and she has encouraged me to start attending a local church. I also share my new faith with my husband. Please pray that one day my husband may also believe in Him. We are very grateful to this program for bringing us to the light and will share it with as many people as possible.”

Yes—what a great encouragement for us, too! West Bengal is just one stop on our World Prayer Today journey through South Asia this week. Ask God to raise up more listeners like this one who will share His Word throughout India and beyond.

Tomorrow we come in prayer alongside a family of twelve in Pakistan. Don’t miss it.