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An update on Uzbekistan

December 19, 2017

“God’s church in Uzbekistan endures difficulties and persecution, but there is good news, too.”

That’s the report we receive from Thru the Bible’s in-country director of our Uzbek language broadcasts. He continues:

“The new president has called this year, ‘The year of dialogue with its citizens.’ He is trying to get closer to the people and their everyday needs. He wants to find a solution to their problems. Yet the church continues to suffer severe persecution, despite this effort.

“Many Christians are scared to attend house fellowships. It is hard to meet in groups of more than two or three people at a time. However, these restrictions only seem to strengthen the beliefs of Christians who are willing to testify fearlessly and are prepared to go to prison if need be.

“Nevertheless, we rejoice that despite all these obstacles, God’s church is growing. The Lord has given us His promise of being among two or three who gather in His name, and we are seeing results. Many use the content of these spiritual programs for their small group services and say it’s their only connection to the Word of God. We are grateful for your prayers and know that we are sustained through them. We are confident that the Lord will ultimately be victorious, and we are proud to be used in the battle here on earth.”

As we begin to prepare for our family celebrations, let’s keep praising God for the way He is reaching into hearts and homes in the most unexpected places. Ask God today to be a tangible presence in the lives of Uzbek Christians. May they be overwhelmed with His grace and love this season and beyond.

God’s Word is spreading in other Central Asian countries, too. Find out about it tomorrow on World Prayer Today.