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Praying for the Hmong in Vietnam

October 23, 2018

Welcome, World Prayer Team! We’re glad you’ve joined us as today our journey brings us back to the densely wooded, mountainous region of Vietnam where Thru the Bible’s broadcasts are being heard by speakers of the Hmong language through SD cards and speaker boxes.

If you recall from previous visits, the Hmong people made headlines in the late 1980’s after more than 300,000 converted to Christianity after listening to Christian radio broadcasts. Sadly, shortly after, these new brothers and sisters were interrogated, tortured, and imprisoned for their faith. Despite the persecution, the church has flourished, but today sound and comprehensive Bible teaching is hard to find.

So take a moment right now to pray for the producer of Thru the Bible’s Hmong language broadcasts. Out of concern for his safety, we cannot publish his name but ask that you would pray for his protection as well as God’s blessing as he and his team translate, record, and engage with listeners of Dr. McGee’s messages.

And while we’re at it, let’s ask God to use these programs to bring more listeners to saving faith in Jesus Christ, to strengthen new believers, and to equip pastors and evangelists.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Philippines. Join us, won’t you?