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Back on the air in Japan

January 22, 2019

For several years we prayed for an opportunity to get back on the air in Japan.

Surprisingly, this rather progressive urban country is a difficult region to reach with the Good News of Jesus. We’ve encountered great resistance from media companies that refuse to air Christian broadcasting.

Thanks to God’s faithfulness and the prayers of His people, God’s Word is again being taught in Japan on a small number of FM stations. Let’s praise the Lord together as one grateful listener shares her story:

“My job recently took me to live for two years in the United States. Through the life witness of my neighbors, I returned to my home in Japan with Jesus in my heart. It became a habit of mine to listen to Thru the Bible every morning. I am very grateful that after much searching, I have found it here! I am grateful to begin my day again in God’s Word. Pray for me to know how to love and serve Jesus Christ in my homeland.”

Yes, let’s praise God for answered prayer. And let’s remember others around the world who are the only followers of Jesus in their families, their workplaces, and their communities.

Join us tomorrow on World Prayer Today as we head east to Mongolia.