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The gospel in the land of the rich and famous

March 20, 2019

Often our prayer journey takes us on our knees to places where people live in abject poverty, and we ask God to show Himself faithful in meeting their needs.

Today, as we lift up the people of Monaco, we pray for a different kind of poverty—spiritual poverty—in one of the smallest and wealthiest countries on earth. Nicknamed “the country for millionaires,” the people of Monaco are drawn away from God toward self-reliance and dependence on wealth.

On your knees today, intercede for people who may not think they need God. Pray they seek God alone for their security. As one follower of Jesus in Monaco prayed, “Help my people see that if they don’t have Jesus, they don’t have anything.”

Pray the French broadcast of Thru the Bible would be discovered and embraced by those who are weary of gambling their lives away in Monte Carlo (home to Monaco’s famous casino).

Tomorrow we’ll travel to and pray for the people living in the ancient land of Scotland.