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Praying for spiritually stubborn and indifferent family members

June 17, 2020

“As my entire family accepted Christ, my father clung to his idols.”

That’s the beginning of a letter we received from Samuel, a listener of Thru the Bible’s Spanish programs in Texas. But good news followed shortly: 

“For months we were grieved at his stubbornness and indifference. But we prayed for him and listened to your teaching without him. Later we learned that my father was hiding from us and listening along. One day he went by himself to the church, again hiding, this time behind the door. But as the preacher made the call, he went forward, crying, and gave his soul to Christ. 

“Little did we know God had been dealing with him through His Word, and when he was ready, my father became the spiritual leader of our family. We are overjoyed to worship together and study together. Thank you for bringing Jesus into our home. We share your program with others in hopes they, too, can receive the eternal life He so freely gives. Glory to God, my friends, may His peace be with you.”

Praise God for these new brothers and sisters. As we travel on our knees through Texas, pray more people (even the most indifferent and stubborn) will hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible and put their faith and trust in Jesus today. 

We travel to the gorgeous island of Guam tomorrow. Until then may God bless you as you walk with Him.