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Pray for pastors in the USA

June 19, 2020

As we pray our way through the USA, we meet today with fellow listener named Pastor Kennedy who shares his Bible Bus story: 

“In my church in the south we saw God work in many mighty ways. My time came to a close with that congregation through some very hard and tragic circumstances. Through a broken heart, I resigned and followed God’s will. I started at a secular job to help pay the bills until the Lord took me to a new church to pastor.

“While at that job, I was able to listen to something while I was doing monotonous labor. I found a Christian station, and I heard the voice of a dear saint of God teaching the Bible ... it was Dr. McGee. Dr. McGee was going through Revelation, and his explanation of some complicated events had me hooked!

“I couldn’t foresee it, but my time on the Bible Bus was about to help me heal emotionally and spiritually during a season of testing and trial. God has been so good to me, and He has used His Word in more ways than I can explain! Not only did I get spiritual meat from Dr. McGee, but also spiritual medicine which was vital to me continuing on in the work of the Lord. There were many days that Dr. McGee said something I needed, and how my faith was strengthened!

“The Bible Bus continues to help me as it is part of my devotions and even the studying of the Word of God as I prepare sermons here for this church. I will be making a donation to help this ministry take the whole Word to the whole world!”

Praise God that He heals our hearts and lives. Today let’s thank Him for His Word that comforts us, encourages us, and provides for our spiritual needs in ways we often can’t see or understand. And, as we’re on our knees, let’s lift up pastors everywhere, asking God to guard them as they share their lives and His love with all those He puts in their care.

Join us in Austria on Monday as our world prayer journey continues.