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God’s Word satisfies spiritual appetites in Armenia

September 14, 2020

It was on Armenian soil the first Christian nation was founded over 1,700 years ago. Since that time, the church there has survived frequent and harsh oppression. However, as we travel through this culturally rich and resilient land, we find Bible reading is rare and training for pastors and church leaders is critically needed.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Our prayer trek begins in the capital city of Yerevan where we meet Artur who listens to Thru the Bible alongside us. He says:

“In today’s program you talked about the Holy Spirit of God. I still feel like I don’t understand that well. Is the Holy Spirit part of God? How does He speak to us or teach us? Your programs have opened my eyes to so much I never understood or realized. I am hungry for more. Please keep teaching and please keep praying for Armenia. We need more Bible instruction like this.”

Praise God for listeners like Artur, and you, who are growing in knowledge of God’s Word. Pray today for people in Armenia to deepen their faith by studying the Bible—and then obeying the Word by following Jesus.

Persecuted Christians in Syria need our prayer, meet us there tomorrow.