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Praying God’s Word is an oasis in Western Sahara

April 20, 2021

Very few people in Western Sahara have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. In a country of around 602,000 people, it’s believed there is no more than a handful of Christians.

Today pray for THRU the BIBLE as it goes out on satellite TV in Arabic. May God’s Word be an oasis—a haven of rest and refreshment in what many call a desolate and dry country. Let’s pray together now:

Father, thank You that THRU the BIBLE is available on satellite TV in Western Sahara. We pray with each program that more Saharawis hear the sweet name of Jesus and are drawn to Him in faith. We ask that You open their eyes to the truth of the gospel instead of the lies they have chosen to believe about Islam. Prepare each heart for Your Word and for Your Spirit to freely comfort, convict, or challenge—according to our personal need. Help us all to respond in faith to whatever You want to do in our lives. In the name of our precious Savior, amen.

We’ve got more to pray about in northern Africa, join us tomorrow in Egypt.

Listen here to TTB-Arabic.