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From Suriname: “God said ‘yes’ to our request.”

August 23, 2019

Today the World Prayer Team travels to the country of Suriname on the northeast coast of South America.

With Atlantic Ocean beaches and over 90 percent of its land covered with tropical rainforests, Suriname is South America’s smallest nation with an entire population similar in size to Kansas City, Missouri (around half a million people).

Like other nations in the region, Suriname was founded by the Dutch as a plantation society. Since slavery was abolished, many ethnicities and cultures now live together—like a patchwork quilt, its unofficial symbol. Suriname allows complete religious freedom, with over half the population saying they are Christians. Sadly, most practice spiritism and many have simply walked away from their faith.

But as always, God has a remnant—like this young man who wrote recently,

“For a long time, we longed for a radio for listening to God’s Word every day. Now [TWR] gave us a radio. Thank God because He listened to our request and said, ‘Yes.’”

Pray today that the people of Suriname would call out to God and He would respond with a “yes” to their spiritual need through His Word and His Son, Jesus.

Remember the spiritual needs of the people of South America this weekend as the Lord prompts you to pray.

We travel to Asia next week on our knees. We’ll meet again right here.