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2017 Year-End Highlights

November 29, 2017 Plant sprouting out of the Bible

It is always a joy to look back and celebrate the great things God has done in our ministry. This year, it is a two-fold blessing because 2017 represents our 50th year of Thru the Bible’s ministry!

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Keep it Up, World Prayer Team!

March 26, 2017 Kneeling in Prayer

“The World Prayer Team ... consistently pray for God’s favor on this ministry and for fruitfulness in taking His Word worldwide to people who often have no other way to hear about the love of God."

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Proclaiming an Amazing God in Amazing Times

December 29, 2016

In our lifetimes, people in many “unreachable” regions now have access to God’s Word. One day we will be able to say that we were delighted to stand in faith before God, interceding for people in this pivotal time and place in world history.

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The God of the Small Things

September 27, 2016 blind woman with audio player

The story of audio players making their way to blind believers in Chad illustrates that God is always at work in what we would call "the small things."

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Equipping the Equippers

July 26, 2016 Ethiopian man

One of the most exciting ways God uses TTB is to empower pastors, evangelists, and teachers. What could be more strategic than empowering those who lead and teach?

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One Voice, One Message, Countless Lives Changed

June 27, 2016 Hands teaching the Word

When he was still a boy in Sudan, Kamal was tuning across the dial when he heard a message—a message he had never heard before. It all started by hearing a voice come out of a box, speaking a timeless message he wasn’t expecting to hear. God spoke into a young man’s heart, and it changed him forever.

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Chairman’s Update: Building on a Firm Foundation

June 01, 2016 Building on a Firm Foundation

Thru the Bible has seen many changes over its five decades, but thankfully some things remain unchanged: The faithful teaching content Dr. McGee left for us and, more importantly, the timeless and powerful impact of the Word of God on the lives of millions of people all across the globe.

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Good News from a Far Country: Stories of transformation

April 22, 2016 african-man-in-market

Every day Thru the Bible offers Dr. McGee’s teaching of the entire Bible to millions across the world. Responses pour in from all over the world in large numbers. While those numbers are encouraging, it's the stories of transformation that fuel our passion to keep bringing God’s Word to the world.

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The Power of Prayer: Inside the engine room of Thru the Bible

March 07, 2016 kneeling in prayer

Since the birth of Thru the Bible, prayer has been our foundation, and those who pray for the ministry form the “engine room” of this global outreach. So the powerhouse of Thru the Bible is not a physical location, rather it's found in those who offer up their prayers asking God to supply and bless our work of taking His whole Word to the whole world.

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