Praise and Prayer Needs

Praise God! Our new Flemish program had its first broadcast on ​January 2, 2017.

Located between France and the Netherlands, there is a sharp divide in Belgium: One between the Dutch-speaking Flemings in the North and the French-speaking Walloons in the South. Some even believe that this may lead to the nation's separation.

That’s why we are so excited to add a Flemish language TTB program. Please join us in asking God to bless the production of each new broadcast and that His message of glory, grace, and reconciliation will bridge the divide that separates people and keeps them from embracing one another.

Listener Testimonials

This is a brand new production and has not begun airing, so we don’t have any listener testimonies to share yet. But as soon as we do, we will rejoice in sharing them with you! Please check back.

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Flemish_Patrick Couchement
  • Producer: Patrick Couchement
  • Launched: 2016
  • Target Area: Belgium
  • Mediums: Radio
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