About Our Global Ministry

The whole Word to the whole world—a bit of history

That’s the vision that was given to us by our founder, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, and over the past four decades, God has enabled us to see that vision become a reality. It all started in 1973, when Dr. Paul Freed, founder of TWR, encouraged Dr. McGee to translate the 5-year daily radio program into Spanish. Dr. McGee was somewhat skeptical, but Dr. Freed’s passion convinced him to try it.

The response to the Spanish broadcast was so great that several more languages were added, and a vision was born: To take the whole Word to the whole world. By 1976, the program was already being aired in eight languages and Dr. McGee said:

It may be possible to get the Word of God into every major language during the next few years. As far as we know, Thru The Bible is the only systematic study of the entire Bible that is making a serious effort to accomplish this purpose. I am committed to this course and hope to see it through.

The whole Word to the whole world—an expanding vision

Thru the Bible’s unwavering commitment to bring the systematic teaching of God’s entire Word to everyone on earth means that we will continue to expand our outreach to fulfill this God-given vision. As we move into the future, we see exciting possibilities in these areas:

New Delivery Systems. The proliferation of new technologies means we can reach more people with the Thru the Bible program in their language, using the delivery system they prefer. We are already delivering Thru the Bible through the Internet, mobile phones, MP3 players, and portable memory chips with speaker systems. People are listening individually as well as in groups all over the world.

New Languages. While we are thrilled to be in so many major languages of the world, there are many more strategic languages where Thru the Bible can have effective ministry, especially in Africa, India, and Asia. As God provides the resources, we want to make Thru the Bible available to even more people in their “heart languages.”

New Partnerships. New ways of delivering Thru the Bible mean that more “on the ground” ministries can participate in giving people access to the systematic teaching of God’s entire Word. We have already forged relationships with ministries who are helping us take Thru the Bible to people who are hungering to learn God’s Word. They are distributing media players and forming listening groups so that people can go deeper into God’s Word.

The whole Word to the whole world—your part

If you’ve listened to Thru the Bible, you’ve likely heard one of our listeners’ favorite features. Almost daily before our study our host, Steve Shwetz, reads letters from all over the world—celebrating how God is at work through our study of God’s Word. This missionary outreach beyond the borders of North America is the fruit of Dr. McGee’s desire to “take the whole Word to the whole world,” as well as the generous prayer and financial support of listeners like you.

This is the most strategic way you can join in ministry partnership. We value your faithful and fervent prayer above anything else.

Join the World Prayer Team. Every day our World Prayer Team travels the world on our knees—praying our way through cities, countries, and continents. When you sign up, you’ll receive a brief and engaging email every weekday to direct your prayer for a specific country. Our mission as a team is simply to pray—and praise the Lord when our requests are answered.

The ministry newsletter, the daily broadcast, the free downloads, and unique resources all available here online are designed to accomplish two things: To help you walk closer with the Lord and invite you into partnership in taking the whole Word to the whole world.