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Praying for the isolated in Iran

May 23, 2024

We were created to love and worship God. Celebrating His presence and power as individuals and together as a church is one of the most rewarding experiences in the Christian life.

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Prayer prompts for Oman

May 21, 2024

Our journey through the Middle East continues with a visit to Oman. It’s rare for THRU the BIBLE to hear from listeners in this Muslim-dominant country.

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God understands us and cares

May 17, 2024

Jesus didn’t come to save the rich and those who have it all together. He came to save those who are poor, those who are hurting and broken, those who are lost, those whose lives are torn apart, those who are hungry, those who are born into horrible situations, and those who have created their own.

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Let’s get going for God

May 15, 2024

“There are a lot of Christians today who should wake up, and get up, and get going for God,” shared Dr. J. Vernon McGee today as the Bible Bus traveled through Isaiah 50 and 51. And Salif in Burkina Faso agrees.

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“Therefore submit to God …”

May 14, 2024

Repentance is not a box on a checklist to get into heaven; it’s an everyday action, a humble, obedient response in walking with our Lord. Diyoshak in Nigeria recently discovered this for himself.

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Sin loses power when we follow God

May 10, 2024

“My understanding of God’s love has grown since I was saved. He lifted me up out of some impossible places and showed me that He truly does not cast anyone out,” shares James, a fellow Bible Bus passenger, as we travel on our knees to South Carolina.

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Pray for fellow team members

May 09, 2024

“I was reluctant to write, simply because my story may not be as interesting or exciting as some. You have no doubt heard countless stories just like mine from other listeners.”

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Giving credit to God

May 08, 2024

When something good happens in your life, do you tell someone (or everyone) you know? Do you post it on social media? Or take photos to remember? Here’s another question: Do you give credit to God?

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A prodigal returns

May 06, 2024

It’s Letter Month at THRU the BIBLE. This week we celebrate the great things God is doing in your lives as we study His Word together and pray for it to reach others around the world.

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Live simply and faithfully

May 03, 2024

Life can be complicated. It’s easy to be a slave to deadlines, errands, events, inboxes, and to-do lists. Joon in South Korea found himself frequently overwhelmed and needed some help.

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Pray against apathy and atheism in Latvia

April 26, 2024

Apathy and atheism are the two best words to describe the spiritual climate of Latvia. Welcome, prayer warriors. As we reach our final destination in eastern Europe this week, let’s boldly pray for a divine awakening in this slumbering nation.

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