World Prayer Today

A fugitive finds God

November 15, 2018

“I come from a remote village in Tripura. Most of us villagers are animists, and brewing liquor is our only source of income.” That’s the start of an amazing letter from a listener of Thru the Bible’s program in Tripura, India.

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Looking for a safe harbor?

November 08, 2018

“I am a fisherman. I provide for my family out on the sea. When a storm brews, my crew and I look for safe harbor. That’s why your program has been to me a safe harbor...."

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What’s new in Venezuela?

November 05, 2018

Although Venezuela is not a new place for Thru the Bible to be broadcast, we have recently heard from many new listeners who already know and love the Lord Jesus.

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On the job worship

October 26, 2018

If you’ve ever asked the Lord to help you live for Him at work, then you’ll appreciate this “collectibles-collector’s” story from East Java, Indonesia.

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Praying for Hindus in Australia

October 25, 2018

G’day mate! Welcome to Australia. As our world prayer journey touches down in this warm and friendly country, we ask you to join us in praying for Thru the Bible’s broadcast in the Hindi language.

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