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Articles and News

Only God: When He is All You Have

Called the man after God’s own heart, shepherd boy, and king, David experienced many storms in life. His story can be a great encouragement to you when you face trials and when problems seem to block your progress. You can read his story and know that he had similar problems. Yet born out of this life often touched by trouble, David was used by God to give us the hymnbook of the Bible, the book of Psalms—a beautiful, nuanced, and rich collection of how to praise God.

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The Glorious Unfolding of a Mission

Roger Kemp is a behind-the-scenes visionary and force behind so much good that you enjoy on Christian radio. Roger and his team at RKMedia are our close ministry partners and steward the relationships THRU the BIBLE has with radio stations and networks throughout North America. Roger has also personally been associated with global ministry his whole career and is here to give you a unique perspective of what we’re doing together with our commitment to take the “whole Word to the whole world.”

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Our Mission

Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Dr. J. Vernon McGee

The whole Word to the whole world.

That’s the vision our founder, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, cast from the beginning. As He promised, God has abundantly blessed the proclamation of His Word, and Dr. McGee's vision is now reality.

When Dr. McGee completed his life in 1988, Thru the Bible was heard in 35 languages. Today, people worldwide receive the teaching of God's whole Word in over 100 languages, in more than 160 countries.

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