World Prayer Today

A wife in Albania asks us to pray

December 04, 2017

Once a hardline communist country, today Albania has total religious freedom. But experts tell us more than 60% of Albanians are Muslim, with many of them mixing in superstitions and folk Islam.

So, as we fly over the Balkan Sea and begin today’s prayer trek, let’s celebrate this letter from Mirjana, a listener of our Albanian broadcasts:  

“I am married with two daughters. I recently became a Christian through your broadcasts, but my husband opposes it. He has stopped us from going to church, so my only source of the Bible and my connection with the Lord are your radio programs. I listen every day.

“I live with my in-laws and the life in our home is not easy. My husband is the only one who works, but he spends the money as he pleases and is not responsible for his children. Many times, I have thought to end my marriage, but from your programs I have learned that divorce is something that God doesn’t like. Would you please pray that my husband also comes to know the Lord? God bless you.”

Praise God for this new sister in Christ. As we intercede for the salvation of Mirjana’s husband, let’s also pray that the broadcasting of God’s Word flourishes in this Muslim-dominant land.

There’s so much more to celebrate; join us tomorrow as the World Prayer Team travels to Mongolia.