World Prayer Today

“After the death of my wife, your broadcasts kept me mentally afloat …”

January 01, 2018

Thanks for traveling on this world prayer journey. Today we stop in the gorgeous country of Austria where 84% of Austrians claim they believe in God, but researchers think very few know the joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

But praise God that Thru the Bible, heard there in the German language, is bringing hope to many—like this gentleman who wrote to say:

“Seven months ago, my wife died of cancer. I am grateful for the support and confidence God’s Word gives me. Hearing it is the only way I can keep myself mentally afloat. Your radio programs give me a hopeful reality, and hope for the future as well.”

As we pray today, let’s lift up this gentleman and all other Austrian Christians who are clinging to God despite their difficult circumstances. And let’s pray that more Austrians will find the eternal hope offered in Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow as we travel to Finland.