World Prayer Today

A new country, a new life

March 23, 2018

Today on our world prayer tour, we’re traveling on our knees through the beautiful but spiritually sparse land of Sweden.

Thru the Bible has broadcasted there for many years without hearing much from listeners.

Today, however, we can pray for a new people group in Sweden who are responsive to the gospel—a surprising group who have emigrated from Iran. Here’s a word from one couple:

“My family is new to this country, coming here to enjoy peace from persecution. We received the transmission of your program in Persian by chance and listened with delight. We are believers in Jesus Christ and eagerly learn each day more about Him. My wife and I have shared with many people how much we gain in our spirits through these programs. We can tell that it has helped a lot to find our Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ here. We are listening; please do not stop.”

As we pray today for the people of Sweden, let’s remember this new group from Iran who are walking with God in a new country.

Next week on World Prayer Today, we’re in for a wonderful celebration as we thank God for His saving grace in our lives and lives around the world.