World Prayer Today

Doing the most important thing in life . . .

April 02, 2018

It’s a son’s generous gift that Mrs. B. L. wrote to tell us about today.

From her home in Azerbaijan, a Eurasian country at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, this faithful sister in Christ wanted to listen to Bible teaching on Thru the Bible. Unfortunately, the program was no longer available on her station. But the Lord provided . . .

“I would like to share my joy with you. I missed your program so much that my son downloaded it from the Internet in our language and presented me with the CDs of the studies from Genesis to Revelation. Now I can listen. It is the grace of God to me. I am grateful for brother McGee who is with the Lord already …. The studies are very clear and it touches the soul. I share my CDs with others who visit me. Together, we are doing the most important thing in this life: Proclaiming the truth of God for this world.”

As we pray each day for God’s Word to touch people’s lives, we partner together with this dear sister in proclaiming God’s truth to the world.

Tomorrow we’ll pray across Kazakhstan where we’ll meet a woman who “reads the Bible like a hungry man!” Meet you on our knees tomorrow.