World Prayer Today

“Looking for Jesus on every page . . .”

April 03, 2018

Tucked under the southern border with Russia, Kazakhstan is a land-locked and—at times—culture-locked country. Up until 1990, there were no known believers in the country.

Today, thanks to church planting organizations and Christian radio, there is a small minority of Jesus followers in Kazakhstan.

Our listener, “Mrs. R,” wrote to encourage us to pray for her Kazakhstan countrymen:

“In the short time since I have put my entire being into the hands of Jesus, I have read God’s Word like a hungry man. I read the New Testament several times before I knew there was an Old Testament. Glory to God—there is so much to learn! When I listen to your program, I begin to understand how the books fit together. I appreciate so much learning how to look for Jesus on every page. He is a treasure for everyone who puts faith in Him and Him alone. Please pray for more men, women, and children in Kazakhstan to turn to Jesus for life.”

Now that’s a prayer request we can lift up right now! Pray for “Mrs. R” and her burden that her friends and neighbors would meet Jesus.

Tomorrow we’re off to another “-Stan” country (formerly of the Soviet Union). Let’s go on our knees.