World Prayer Today

“I couldn’t believe my ears . . .”

April 06, 2018

Hello friends in America.”

That’s how Urey’s letter to Thru the Bible began. And what comes next will make you smile.

“I am Urey, from Turkmenistan. What? You’ve not heard of my country? For thousands of years it was a crossroads of great civilizations. In most recent history, it was part of the Soviet Union until we gained our independence in 1991. Good for us. In recent years, the door has opened to know and understand more of what God has done for us. Previously, that word was hidden from us. On the radio, when I heard about the love of God, brought so clearly to us on Thru the Bible-Russian, I could not believe my ears. Could this be true? Certainly if it was, someone would have told us. And then I realized that someone is telling us! I believed right away and have not looked back to my life without hope. Thanks be to God!”

Praise God that “someone is telling” people in Turkmenistan about Jesus and His love. Pray that more people like Urey will hear and believe the truth.

Next week, we continue praying for people in the Middle East to see Jesus. Go ahead—keep praying through the weekend!