World Prayer Today

“The reason I believe in Jesus . . .”

April 20, 2018

Mongolia has a special place in the hearts of our World Prayer Team, as we’ve been praying for listeners there since the first day of broadcasting in Ulaanbaatar.

Be encouraged by every evidence of spiritual transformation—including this letter from a brother in Mongolia:

“The reason why I believe in Jesus is that I listen to Thru the Bible. Sometimes when I do not know who to ask when I have a question, I listen and God delivers answers through the preacher. I do not have a computer now, so I’ve got to go to the Internet cafe to download the programs to my mobile phone so that I can listen to them. Each of the issues of the sermons is in connection with me. I think it is God who is talking to me personally. That attracted and encouraged me a lot to study the Bible very hard, and let me have a better understanding of Christianity. Thank you for bringing light to Mongolia.”

Keep praying for the new followers of Jesus Christ in Mongolia. Pray that the Word of God strengthens and roots them in God’s truth.

Next week, we travel to North America to see God at work.