World Prayer Today

“I’ve always wanted to grow closer to God, but didn’t know how …”

April 27, 2018

“I’ve always wanted to grow closer to God, but I didn’t know how ….” That’s what one mother in Ontario, Canada, recently wrote us.

She continued,

“One night I couldn’t sleep, and I turned on my radio hoping to find a talk show to bore me to sleep. Instead of boring me to sleep, Dr. McGee spoke about God in a way that moved me. That was seven months ago, and I still listen to your program every day. The most important lesson I’m learning is to trust God. I still have a ways to go to strengthen my faith, but I feel like I am getting stronger and more capable of becoming a better person. Can you please pray for me, that I may one day soon be able to teach my children to trust in the Lord?”

That’s a great request! Today let’s praise God for the opportunity we have to know Him through His Word, and let’s pray that as our faith grows we will impact those around us—especially our children.

Be sure to join us next week as our world prayer tour bring us to some very familiar cities … perhaps one near you!