World Prayer Today

“I thought that God wanted nothing more to do with me . . .”

May 03, 2018

“I thought that God wanted nothing more to do with me ….” That’s how a listener named Jeff from Brewerton, New York, began his recent letter.

“I was a wandering Christian who had fallen into a sinful lifestyle. I had no future and no hope. Thank you for helping me to see that God still cares and that there is always hope. I have repented and forsaken my sinful lifestyle and turned to Jesus for forgiveness. I pray that God will use this small donation and multiply it to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Thank you for always being there and God bless you all.”

Jeff is right—there is always hope in Jesus. Do you know someone who needs to hear that today? As you pray for them, will you also pray for those listening to Thru the Bible who need to hear that word as well? Let’s together ask God to open hearts to the message of His love and forgiveness.

Tomorrow the World Prayer Team travels to Mountain Park, Oklahoma. Join us!