World Prayer Today

An atheist finds Jesus!

May 04, 2018

Welcome to Mountain Park, Oklahoma. We’re so glad to have you traveling with us on this World Prayer journey.

Today we enjoy a letter from a listener named Paul who was not very happy when he first listened to Thru the Bible.

“Although I grew up attending church, I rejected Christ in my college years and professed to be an atheist until my 40’s when I began listening to Thru the Bible. I didn’t like the program at first because it made the Word of God too clear and I realized that I would have to accept it altogether or reject it altogether.

“Accepting the truth of God’s Word, I knew, would have life-changing consequences. And to this day, it’s still doing its work on me. Through your broadcasts I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior.”

That’s the power of the truth! You can’t deny it! Let’s pray together that as Thru the Bible is heard today, more people will accept God’s truth and realize their need for Jesus. Thank God that as we study His Word today His Spirit continues to work in each one of us.

Join us next week as World Prayer Today travels to South Asia.