World Prayer Today

“Every day I pray for you …”

May 16, 2018

Welcome to World Prayer Today. Thanks for joining us as we pray our way through cities, countries, and continents around the world.

Today our journey brings us to Croatia where a grandmother named Slavica faithfully prays for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in the Croatian language and is asking others to join her!

“May the peace of our Lord and Savior be with you! Your broadcast means a lot to me because it is strengthening my faith in the Bible and in Jesus Christ. I am now sure of an eternity spent with Him!

“I pray for you every day, and I ask my friends to pray for you as well. I ask that God’s blessing be upon your work, that each and every listener will receive the blessing of God’s Word in their hearts, and that more will come to salvation through Jesus Christ. I pray you will never stop preaching His Word and that He will be faithful in multiplying it across the lands—especially here in Croatia.”

Amen! Let’s echo that prayer today!

Join us tomorrow as we’ll travel on our knees to Romania.