World Prayer Today

“I am cheering you on…”

June 29, 2018

While I strengthen my body, you strengthen my mind!”

That’s what an encouraging listener from Ipsach, Switzerland, recently called to say. She continues,

“I have suffered from Parkinson’s disease for three years. Now while I do my daily therapy exercises, I listen to Thru the Bible. I want to thank you for your broadcasts which bring me so much joy! At the beginning of June 2013, I heard your program and was fascinated. You present the Bible in such a vivid and clear way. Sometimes I laugh out loud and sometimes I quietly reflect on what you have said. While listening to the programs I get new perspectives and many ‘a-ha’ moments! Please know that I am cheering you on each day and praising God for His glorious Word.”

Today as we pray, thank God for the strength that His Word gives all of us. And let’s ask Him to bless the Italian and German broadcasts of Thru the Bible that are heard throughout Switzerland.

Be sure to join us on Monday as our World Prayer Team prays for the country of Belarus.