World Prayer Today

“God brought me forward in the storms …”

July 20, 2018

The beauty of the gospel and Bible teaching is that it is contagious. Share it once and it can be multiplied through ministry to others.

A brother in Christ in Taiwan shares this great story of multiplication of ministry:

“I had been listening to your programs via the Internet since 2005. They have helped me serve in my city church. I became a Christian during the economic depression in mainland China. I was going through a lot of difficulties at that time when some Christians shared the gospel with me and I accepted. At that time I had faith in God wholeheartedly. This led me to see in surprise how God brought me forward in the storms. In that moment, I was determined that I would believe in the Lord throughout my life, and to live to glorify God and bless others! In the beginning, reading the Bible was not interesting to me. Until I listened to your program, I was enlightened. Praise my God! However busy I am, whenever I listen to your programs, I feel the strength given out from God’s Word through your programs. They nurture and feed me. This helps me to share with the brothers and sisters in the fellowship.”

Your prayers also serve in the ministry of multiplication. As you pray for brothers and sisters in Taiwan today, you are helping to equip and encourage their ministries to others. Keep praying!

Our prayer journey takes us to beautiful Southeast Asia next week. Join us!