World Prayer Today

Sharing by “word of mouse” in Serbia

August 08, 2018

Some call social networking “word of mouse.” But despite the funny name, its popularity in Eastern Europe is having an impact for God.

For example, several Thru the Bible listeners are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with their friends. We heard this good report from Timis in Serbia:

“I heard about Jesus back long ago but I only decided to follow Him three years ago. I thought that I was right and a good person. But through a friend of mine who tweeted me quotes from your teacher, I began to understand that I was a sinner. This friend of mine sent me links to your program. In the beginning I was skeptical. But I loved my friend so I decided to listen to the program. It was a Bible study, just for me in my language. I am continuing to listen and to learn more from your speaker. Thank you so much for helping me grow in the Lord.”

Pray today for a new generation in Serbia who are listening to Thru the Bible through new mediums. Of course the best way to share God’s Word with those you love is through your enthusiastic life message. Keep sharing your life—pointing others to Jesus.

Tomorrow our prayer focus is on a people God loves in Bulgaria.