World Prayer Today

“Please pray that God’s Word will become a part of me.”

October 22, 2018

Known for its easygoing and hospitable culture, it’s no wonder that Thailand is often referred to as the “land of smiles.” But we don’t have to travel too far to realize that for many, it’s a place without true joy.

So join us today as we pray for the very small, but growing, Thai church. And let’s also ask the Lord to open the eyes of the more than 58 million people who worship the empty statues of Buddha. May the Lord open their hearts to the true joy that is only found through His Son, Jesus Christ.

As one listener of Thru the Bible’s Thai language broadcasts says,

“I am touched by this program, and every day I understand the Bible a little bit more. Your words bring me encouragement and lift my heart when things seem too difficult. When I left the religion of my father, I found that true joy is in Christ alone. Please pray for me that as I listen to God’s Word, it will become a part of me. My deepest desire is that when I speak to others they will be encouraged to leave their idols behind and to know Him as I do.”

What a great request! As we study together on Thru the Bible, let’s pray that His Word becomes a part of us as well.

Thanks for joining us in the privilege of prayer. Join us tomorrow in Vietnam.