World Prayer Today

“I want a different life.”

January 03, 2019

“I want a different life.”

That’s what we hear from a Thru the Bible listener named Maria in the gorgeous country of Portugal. She continues:

“My ex-husband had problems with alcohol, and he is now in prison for six months. I have two children and live with my parents. I recently heard your program and want to change my ways. I have chosen to trust in God and I ask Him to give me strength. Will you pray for me too?”

Maria isn’t alone. While you may have heard of Portugal’s stunning cities and golden beaches, have you also heard that alcohol and drug use have become more and more prevalent? Sadly, more than half of all teenagers report experimenting with illegal substances—many on more than one occasion. Portugal is also known as the bridge for shipping cocaine and hashish from Southeast Asia to Europe and North America.

So as we make our way through Portugal today, let’s pray that God’s Word will break through the bondage of substance abuse and bring freedom to hurting families.

We end this week’s prayer tour of Western Europe tomorrow in Sweden. Join us and be blessed.