World Prayer Today

“My life changed into reality”

May 17, 2019

Visit for a minute with Mrs. Rani who called Thru the Bible’s ministry partner in India to share her story.

“I have been an ardent listener to God’s Word on your program for many years. I have always had a hunger for God, but had never seen a Bible until recently. I followed a religion of rituals, hoping to find Him.

When my sons grew up, I learned about who Jesus really is from them. They attended a crusade and learned about God’s infallible Word and met Jesus. My oldest son came home and told me he came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This was a turning point to the whole family. He shared about his personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and his thirst to learn God’s Word. At this juncture, he introduced the Thru the Bible study program to me.

“Since then, I have been listening to the program—an eye-opener to reality. I understood that keeping the customs of Christianity would not save me. Like Hagar in the wilderness, when I wandered in search of water for my son, I found rivers of living water flowing through the Bible study program. It has changed my life into reality. Yes, my heart and mind were transformed into new shapes from the mere rituals. The recent broadcast from the book of Hosea depicted the tremendous love of God towards His people like me. Indeed His deep love for His people cannot be expressed by words. Human love is like morning mist and dew. But Hosea teaches me to be faithful till the end.”

Ask today that more people—in India and in your community—would have their lives “changed into reality” through the study of God’s Word.

We continue next week across Africa in our prayer journey. See you then.