World Prayer Today

Praying our way through “Europe’s last dictatorship”

July 01, 2019

Welcome, World Prayer Team! We’re glad you’re here for the journey to Belarus, or as many people call it—“Europe’s last dictatorship.”

In 1994, President Alexander Lukashenko was elected and has since maintained power through authoritarian methods. But despite heavy regulation of speech, press, and religion, there is good news. More and more Belarusians claim to be followers of Jesus!

Today let’s pray for Thru the Bible listeners who face persecution and state hostility for their beliefs. Ask God to multiply their numbers and encourage them as they study His Word. For many, these broadcasts are a lifeline, as one listener tells us:

“We thank the Lord for you. It is not easy to live here, and your programs encourage our faith. We send this small offering in the hope that it will help keep your programs on the air. We need God’s Word more than air, more than water, more than food. It keeps us alive.”

It’s a privilege to pray with you today. Tomorrow we travel to Kyrgyzstan and pray for God’s Word heard in the language of Uzbek. See you then.