World Prayer Today

“I didn’t expect to find peace here.”

August 09, 2019

One of the biggest and most urgent issues facing the people of Hungary today is what to do with the thousands of Syrian refugees looking for a home in their borders.

Over 80 percent of asylum seekers reaching Hungary have escaped the worst crises in the world in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Others come from Pakistan, Somalia, Eritrea, and Iran. Some of the most desperate people in need are asking for help.

Originally from Syria but living in Hungary, Jamal writes,

“I am not exaggerating if I say you made me feel real joy when I found this program! I came to this country looking for help, not expecting to also find peace for my soul.

Pray for the countries of Europe to find answers to their own refugee crisis. And pray that as this crisis closes doors for Syrians to stay in their own country, it will open their spiritual eyes to God, their only source of help in their new homes.

Keep praying through the weekend for any world needs the Lord brings to your heart. Then join us again next week as our prayer journey takes us to Africa.