World Prayer Today

Listen whenever you want

September 09, 2019

I had forgotten how much I love the Bible ….”

For a million different reasons we all sometimes get distracted from our commitment to reading and studying God’s Word. Praise God, He faithfully pulls us back, giving us yet another opportunity.

Ayshah, a listener from London, writes:

“I am a renewed listener to Thru the Bible since my nephew gave me his old iPhone just before Christmas. I first heard Dr. McGee many years ago, but the signal wasn’t good. Eventually gave up listening. I really liked his voice and way of teaching. I am so glad that now I can listen to your podcast whenever I want. Isn’t technology wonderful? I had forgotten how much I love the Bible—but more importantly, how much I love the Lord Jesus. It is a great encouragement during the week to hear of His love for us. I hope your program will always be there.”

Yes, let’s continue to pray that Thru the Bible reaches more people with the timeless truths of God’s Word.

We journey through Western Europe all this week. Hop aboard and join us tomorrow as we visit Ireland on our knees.