World Prayer Today

An atheist in Serbia finds Jesus

October 16, 2019

Nothing made sense, so I became an atheist.” That’s what we heard from one listener in Serbia. What changed her mind?

Listen as she tells her miraculous story:

“I am a private person, so I won’t give details, but my life has been hard. I looked for meaning, but when I found none, I decided there was no meaning. That’s when I heard your programs at a friend’s house. I did not want to be rude, so I did not leave—although at first I thought what you said was pure rubbish. But as you progressed, something in my heart told me to keep listening. As I left that night, I promised my friend I would listen more regularly. Although I am just at the beginning of my journey, I have begun to read the Bible and pray. Thank you for your kindness in explaining what the Bible says. I await your explanations and want to know more.”

Today praise God for His work in the life of this listener and countless others around the world. Pray that more hearts and minds will be open to God’s Word in Serbia.

Tomorrow the World Prayer Team is off to Poland. Join as we pray alongside a listener who chooses joy while he waits for the results of medical tests.